Brian's Poem
Brian’s Poem: The purpose of this project was to take a poem and create a visual, sharable image for social media. The poem depicts the ocean, so I wanted a background that had rough waves in it. Being that the poem talks about chaos and difficulty, but has a slightly optimistic ending, I tried to keep the background slightly colourful while still feeling rough and worn. I took an open source, non-descript picture of waves and adjusted it in Photoshop by adding filters and textures, as well as painting the image. I managed the type in InDesign, where I uploaded the ocean image as well. The typeface of Traveling Typewriter was used to give the poem a less finished feeling. Spacing was kept tight and slightly off kilter to match the mood of the poem. 
Technical Specs: Adobe InDesign CC 2015 & Adobe Photoshop CC 2015
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