Amur Leopard Brochure front page
Amur Leopard page spread 1
Amur Leopard page spread 2
Amur Leopard page spread 2
Amur Leopard back cover
Endangered Species Brochure: The purpose of this project was to create a brochure that would inform people about an endangered species. In making this project, I wanted to make the Amur Leopard come across as beautiful and approachable. I did this by choosing images that were crisp and clear and using a couple images of cubs. One image is of a cub with its mother, reminding people that these animals have family too. The images were beautiful and I wanted to keep them front and center. I kept the design very simple, with only text, white background, and images stretched to the edge of the paper. 
Technical Specs: Adobe InDesign CC 2014
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