Logo for The Northern Lamp Company
The Northern Lamp Company Logo: A local pipe lamp designer/builder asked me to design a logo for him. He wanted it to have a certain hipster flavour and asked that it include arrows (in reference to the “northern” in the company name) and something to represent the vintage light bulbs he uses. He also wanted to be able to stamp his logo on a round, pewter token. Taking my cue from other vintage logos, I created a round design that included the company name, in Wripetyter typeface, and the other elements he requested. It created a striking quarter sized token. After creating the logo, I applied the graphic to his Facebook page, a banner, and a (round) business card, placing a textured taupe background to add to the vintage feel he was after. The banner and business cards were also created in Illustrator. I have also used Photoshop to edit his product pictures to display online. The client has shown satisfaction with his brand and has received many positive comments on it. 
Technical Specs: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
Pictures of The Northern Lamp Company
Examples of styling for The Northern Lamp Company
The Northern Lamp Company Facebook Banner
A Facebook Banner
The Northern Lamp Company Facebook Banner
Another Facebook Banner
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